Monday, January 17, 2011

Be happy

I was totally unread when you left out of me..
after the days passed away in memorising you,now i can read everyone..
my heart became a precise instrument which works every second for you..
thank you for your help in exposing inner side of my.....
be happy forever...


  1. madhu...i have no words to comment....

  2. Mr.MAD dis is superb.............

    really no words to comment

    i think u must convey her

  3. bava "nivu vecha ni cheli ninu chera aa roju ento duram ledu aa roju ki na kallu vechi chustunayi"

  4. but i have a bunch of words in my heart about her susmiii...avi naalone unnantakaalam thanu happyga untundi..

  5. precise instrument antu mana survey language lo kuda rayochu ani idi chusake ardhamindhi ra babu.....jayho survey....hatsoff to madhu dippam.